The most popular translation of ‘Kattestraat’ is ‘Cat Street’ and even if its origin reveals something different, the residents here are subject to a case of catmania. No wonder then, that upon arrival in 2011, our cats and we had a home coming feeling. The last phase of our refurbishing works involved a small 1968 workshop in the garden and from our cat passion grew the idea to set up a cosy cat boarding... in ‘Cat Street’... where else ?

Kattekemaan works in an open setting with plenty of possibilities to climb, observe, scratch, cuddle, relax, enjoy, sunbathe, stretch, play and all essentials to your cat’s wellbeing. We have two separate ‘rooms’ so the cats can adapt upon arrival. After that, it’s all adventure!

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​​​​​​​We spreken Nederlands – nous parlons français

  • Annual leave 11 till 25 September 2020
  • Kattekemaan received an accreditation from the Ministry of animal welfare on 27.01.2020