Rate per night (all incl. food, care, administer medication, personalized attention)
  • 10 € / 1 cat
  • 19 € / 2 cats 
  • 27 € / 3 cats
  • Standard quality food (wet/dry), fresh drinking water, candy. 
  • We ask the owner to provide sufficient food in case of specific requirements (diet, kittens, breed...)
Terms of stay
  • Legally required vaccinations (panleucopenie, rhinotracheitis en leucose)
  • Recent antiparasitic treatment (tics, fleas, worms...)
  • Neutering at 5 months of age at the latest
General conditions
  • the cat's passport or vaccination booklet remains at Kattekemaan for the duration of the stay
  • a contract signed by both parties per stay is legally required
  • please read carefully our general conditions here after